We have all heard that the metabolism is the rate at which our body burns calories and converts fuel into energy, but also affects how easily we will be able to part with the excess weight. Metabolism can be fast or slow and it depends not only on heredity, age or sex, but still largely on our lifestyle. Change your lifestyle, you can literally speed up the process of learning materials and, as a result, lose weight.
It is important to note that the metabolism cannot be solely responsible for the weight gain or loss – someone with a super-fast metabolism can remain slim, if not follow the diet and not doing, and people with a slow metabolism does not automatically doom to being overweight.
Even tiny adjustments human metabolism may provide significant health benefits over time. These six ways to give your metabolism a natural boost.

1. Turn on the pace

Sleep in a cool room in the body helps to increase the percentage of brown fat – a type of fat that acts more like a muscle, helping burn fat and the other increases the metabolic rate. This was confirmed by recent studies, so you try to lower the temperature in the bedroom nice and lose weight!

2. Drink a cup of coffee

Several small studies have shown that there is a link between caffeine consumption and increasing metabolism, as well as reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This may be because it helps the body to break down fats. But do not overdo it: too many drinks with caffeine may cause nervousness, nausea and insomnia, and some coffee drinks are also high in fat and sugar.

3. Keep your stress level low

Even if stressful situations do not cause your cravings for fatty foods, your body may require more time to process all the calories that you eat. Each stress pushes you to the desired result, and if you look over a long period, you will only gain weight, but not cleared. So this is another reason to try not to succumb to stress and to eat properly and regularly.

4. Adequate sleep

Sleep is desirable not only in the cool room, but also a fair amount of time. It has been shown that the lack of sleep slow metabolism in both women and men.

5. Strength training

Any type of physical activity – even just walking for 30 minutes – can help speed up the metabolism. But the best option is to weight training, which helps to burn and increase muscle mass, as it is known, spends calories even at rest. Try adding 2-3 weight training a week to improve metabolism and beautiful sports figure.

6. Snack something spicy foods

As has been proven, spicy foods also helps to speed up metabolism and burn fat faster, even though only temporarily, and only a small percentage. Such chemicals called isothiocyanates, is present in foods such as spicy mustard, horseradish, and can help to activate brown fat and speed up the metabolic rate.