22 things about me

I only eat sugar on weekends, and even then only homemade
I relapse on the no sugar thing every few months
Have two rescue dogs: little girl named Gally and my trustworthy mister named Trey
Have a real job as Director of Nutrition Services at a medical facility
I like small spaces, big fan of the Tiny House Blog
Ohh yeah, my name duh! Michelle Nardine (soon to be Michelle Dodson)
I am a Registered Dietitian
I miss Portland, OR
Farmer’s markets are my favorite thing ever
I belong to a CSA (shout out to christy’s clean crops) and buy local whenever I can
My fiancee Nate is a stud who makes a killer roasted squash, carrot, and sausage pizza
I met Nate in Edible Wild Plants class at college (no kidding!)
Favorite food is probably avocado….or butter (hehe)
I have a secret desire to own a waffle stand, kinda like The Waffle Window in Portland
I love rock climbing, trail running, tennis, reading, cooking, and hiking
I choose to eat food born of love, with love
I was educated at Indiana University and Oregon Health & Science University
I interned under the president of the American Dietetic Association (like you care, right?)
I put on sweat pants right when I get home
I got addicted to the Bachelor this season (2010)
I have plans to move back to Bloomington, IN and start an organic farm someday
I get overwhelmed with happiness when people subscribe to this blog by e-mail or RSS
Here’s a picture so you can picture me when you read:

Hiking with Trey, minutes before Nate proposed to me!